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I Thought Science Knew Everything!

Apr 5, 2014

The recent mishap with Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 in which 239 people together with the aircraft disappeared (as it were) into the thin air, is a big slap in the face of modern science.

Most people were (and still are) shocked that in this day and hour with all the technological... More Info


Jan 3, 2011

by Pastor Vincent Imwensi

When you mention “Dos and Don’ts” many people are immediately turned off. Many want to succeed but not many are ready to give it what it takes.

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CHRISTMAS - Celebrating Without The Celebrant

Dec 17, 2010

by Pastor Vincent Imwensi

How would you like it to be your birthday and people gather to celebrate it but decide not to allow you into the party? You are locked out and in fact the mere mention of... More Info

Lack Of Advantage Should Not Be An Excuse

Aug 2, 2010

Lack Of Advantage Should Not Be An Excuse
For Lack Of Performance

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Fasting Tablets - 2

Jun 4, 2010

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Fasting Tablets

May 29, 2010

Fasting Tablets - (Part 1) 

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You Fly On The Wings Of Knowledge.

Mar 29, 2010

I just came back from India on a mission trip during which God did many wonderful things. To read some of the testimonies, click here.

Whenever I travel by air, I normally like to sit by the window to... More Info

Baptism In The Holy Ghost - part 2

Feb 19, 2010


Preparation For The Baptism In The Holy... More Info

Baptism In The Holy Ghost - part 1

Feb 19, 2010

What Is Baptism In The Holy Ghost?


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