Solid Foundation For New Christians

It is one thing for someone to give his/her life to Christ by praying the sinner's prayer, it another thing entirely for that individual to become rooted in his/her faith and become established in the Lord.

I read an article sometime ago where surveys reveal that out of the hundreds of thousands of people who give their lives to Christ in great evangelistic campaigns by world-renowned evangelists, less than 10% actually stand. Over 90% fall back soon after.

That is like hauling multitudes of fishes out of the sea only for them to return back to the sea again. This is sad to say the least.

The problem is often traceable to lack of proper arrangements and teachings to get them established after committing their lives to Christ. That is why this section of our webcast is dedicated to providing new Christians and indeed any believer who needs to find proper footing in the Lord, relevant and helpful teachings.

You may have been a Christian for a number of years but still have not had the privilege of proper foundational teachings. Take full advantage of this section. Direct new Christians to this section of our web site and they will find it very helpful.

The Indispensable Foundation For A Victorious Life
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